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Where can I get married on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

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Having your wedding on Christmas eve or day is a lovely, romantic idea but it isn't a good one. No insult there at all, but it isn't practical and may be a bust, which your day shouldn't be. Since I am not sure how big a wedding you are talking about I am concerned that you will wind up very disappointed if you've decided to have a large wedding affair and no one but your immediate families show up.  It is a family day and most people will want to be with their families.

Location is a problem if you want it in a church. Remember 12/24 and 12/25 are religious holidays in most churches and services are most likely booked throughout that time frame. Likewise, priest or minister schedules are already booked.

If you are having a small, intimate affair, why not consider getting married at one of your parents' homes (or your own, if you live together) and have it catered. It is cheaper that way, except you will have to rent tables and chairs for the guests, unless the guest list is small. Either way, you need to book the priest or minister NOW, as well as the caterer if the family agrees. (I am hoping you are not planning this for 2008 however...bookings are usually done months in advance, sometimes a year in advance...)

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in my hometown anyone can become an ordain (?) Minister ( able to do the wedding ceremony and be legal).   all they need to do is be an us citizen and pay amount of cost for where you live.  That way you can be married any day or time!  Good Luck

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any minister can perform a ceremony on any day....obviously odds are that a christian church may not be willing to perform the ceremony, but I know of several lay ministers who are legally able to perform legal ceremonies and have performed them on on tops of moutain tops, one is a nudist and was the couple anddid a wedding that was as they wanted as adam and eve came together naked.,  so you just need to look around put an add on the local craigs list may help you come up with a willing mininister

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I am looking to get remarried on christmas eve to a wonderful man I've been with for 6 years but we're short on time and money. So in the hussel and bussel of the holiday seasion can some one tell us where we can get married on such short notice in Newport, North Carolina?

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