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Marking an e-mail message unread

How to I mark a message as Unread?

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If you are using AOL 9.1 or older you can mark the mail and then click on "Keep as new". If you are using AOL webmail (http://webmail.aol.com) you should have a similar button there. If you have an @aim.com address the option is called "Mark Unread".

Keeping as new does not make it bold again and you can see that the message has been read. Any other suggestions?

That's how it is supposed to work. Bold means, that the message is "New" and has never been read. Clicking on "Keep as new" will keep the mail in your "New Mail" folder - but still indicates that you already read it. That's how it works with the AOL folder style. If you want to have a true Inbox experience where you can only differentiate between "Read / Unread" and only have one "Inbox" vs. "New Mail" / "Old Mail" you can change your mailbox style. Read here how to do that: http://journals.aol.com/websuiteblog/productinsider/entries/2007/12/17/aol-mails-new-unified-inbox/350

I think what he means is that under older versions of AOL, you could right click on an email and forward it to yourself or another address.  But the email still showed as "unread"...  You could even delete the email, and have it show to the sender as deleted, but you secretly read it - bwah bwah bwah!   This was fun to do to this insane woman that kept emailing me...
NOW you can't do it like that - the mere act of forwarding it, shows it as read.  However I do know that it can still be done - I just don't know how, but there must be a trick...

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