Marine paint & kitchen cabinets

Would marine paint - used to paint boats - be a chip-proof alternative for painting wooden kitchen cabinets?  Would it be better than regular enamel paint?

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While it may be better in some respects, it's likely there are chemicals/ingredients in that type of paint that prevent the public at large from using this type of paint in their homes (likely chemicals that are bad for your health).

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I have read of others using it for kitchen cabinets; haven't done so myself and the only caveat I would use would lots of good ventilation because it is designed as an outside paint and may smell a lot. I also believe it's oil paint.

The best advice to offer you is call the 800 # on the can for customer service. No finish is chip proof, only resistant. But more importanly is the ease to touch up a year or so down the road.

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The problem with marine paint is that they contain up to 20% lead (to discourage barnacles etc) from wanting to attach themselves to the bottom of a boat. Marine paint is therefore unsafe and illegal to use in homes.

However, if you have painted cabinets, chances are that you can re-paint them with ordinary alkyd paint. Be sure to specify lead-free paint before you buy it.

It is an oil-based enamel with excellent adhesion, durability, and chip resistance. Spray, and be sure to cover the floors, ceilings, and windows. If you don't know how to do that, hire a professional painter and watch how he does it.

Avoid water-based paints in bathrooms or kitchens, as over time, water vapor can cause blisters to appear.

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