Manual for Beltronics Caller ID Model AD-100?

Is there an online manual for the Beltronics Caller ID Model AD-100? 

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I don't think so but you are in luck I have an AD100 mod and the owner's manual.

Ask your questions I'll see if I can help answer them

I have 2 of them but no manuals. I want to use only 1 for two different phone numbers that are on the same jack - on the back of a lot of multi-line phones you will see two jacks - line 1 line two.  one of them will say line 1/line 2.  I want to know if I can use only 1 AD100 for the 2 lines (on only 1 wire).

Oh, good question. You have coming into the building has two pair lines four wires tie to one phone. If that is the case you will need a jack splitter that separates the line to line/1 and line/2

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