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Well, I've been a manager, and one of the things I did was to make myself available to do the shifts for people that called in sick and such. Yes, it was horrendous, some days were like 16 hours. But it demonstrated my willingness to work hard, and there are times as a manager you will have to work for someone. Your situation probably wouldn't be as bad as mine was, as we had like 8 or 10 locations in the city. If your restaurant only has one, you won't have multiple people to sub for. And it is pretty good training, aqs you get the opportunity to do every job in the place. This is very useful as, when you become a manager, and you tell people what jobs to do, they have a bit more respect as they know that you've done yourself whatever job you're asking them to do. Plus, once I was a manager, when an unpleasant job came up, I always did it the first time myself. It helps a lot when your employees know you're willing to do the dirty jobs you're asking them to do.

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