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Is Your Mind Controlled

Is Your Mind Controlled:You and I are puppets of mind control.Of course you will deny it as you have been conditioned to do so.Some puppets are on tight string and some strings ...
  Posted 1 day ago .


The racist hate of child molester Rocmike continues

You have seen Rocmike use his may aliases--Renner, Trampo, Harley Spirit, Brother Bill, Serenity, etc.--to scream hatred against anyone who's not a Muslim because these people do ...
  Posted 2 months ago .


CHatham Created Gemstones

I'm looking for anyone with experience buying or owning a Chatham Created Gemstone (ruby, sapphire, emerald). Do you like it? Is it a good value?
  Posted 6 years ago .


Book of Genesis question.

Why was "darkness" "on the face of the deep" in the presence of The Most High God? By God's Very Presence IT WAS ALL LITE UP, was it not? After all GOD IS LIGHT.
  Posted 8 hours ago .


Who is Rocmike?

Who is Rocmike? I have seen dozens of questions about Rocmike, all of them utterly insane if not hysterical with racist and atheist prejudice. Obviously all those questions came ...
  Posted 10 hours ago .