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When can male dog be around his puppies

when can male dog be around his puppies

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The male dog should probably be around his puppies can walk and do things on their own because the male dog can get very mean.

i would not advise letting any other dog or animal around puppies for at least 5 weeks.  some might grab and shake like a toy, killing it.  introduce your puppies in a crate, fence or secure from others till they get to smell and observe each other.

watch behavior, if violent, try later.  if all goes well, put one securely in arms or lap and see what the other animal does, usually, they will sniff and be indifferent, or want to play.  i introduce my pups to adults in a playpen.  i have not had one male that thought these were his.  some of my females will want to mother them.  i have one "resident baby sitter" that teaches them play and manners, funny..

Don't let the male go close if pups are too small, When they gain some strength and immunity, introduce them slowly in a controlled way like putting them in a cage, observe the behavior closely for any aggression.

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