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I called customer service at 1-800-200-9377 and was told that they have discontinued the whole Progresso tomato line of products.  Apparently because they did not do well NATIONALLY, only in specific parts of the country.  Clearly this product manager is a moron.  If you are really desperate, you can buy a case via for $27 plus an additional $35 for shipping!!!  No thanks.  General Mills (the parent company) is not getting another cent out of me.  Call the number and express your disappointment.  I gave them an earfull...

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Just read the answer. I was wondering what happened to our favorite tomatoes for making sauce . We had used them for over 20 years. Was very surprised to find out.


My family has also used them since the 60's to make our sauce. So Sad!!!! Haven't been able to find a replacement!!

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I am very disappointed that i can't but the whole tomatoes nor the sauce. I went to a kroger and safeway owned store and they told me that they do not carry it anymore. I had to buy hunts and now my homemade spaghetti sauce is not as good without the progresso product.


This is shocking!  I've been cooking with Progresso Tomatoes for over 30 yrs.  They make the best sauce/gravy.  What are we going to do?      Terry


I was very disappointed when I found out that they discontinued making canned tomatoes. I have tried other brands but my sauce tastes different...I will go to the Italian market and try some of theirs..


Progresso tomatoes have been the "secret" to my laudable marinara sauce for over (20) years.  Very sorry to hear it was discontinued.Frown


If so many people use and love Progresso tomatoes, why would you discontinue them??????


My wife's grandmother's recipe for braciole in spaghetti sauce has been made with Progresso tomatoes for over 50 years.  I have been searching for a replacement. Most canned plum tomatoes I find are packed in puree instead of juice, which really doesn't work in the recipe.  I have tried some San Marzano tomatoes, which are really delicious in themselves but overwhelm the simple ingredients in the recipe.

I have just ordered some Pastene brand canned tomatoes from the manufacturer.These are not available in any stores in Atlanta.   I ordered 12 cans, 6 of San Marzano tomatoes, which the Pastene company packs in juice, and 6 cans of their California tomatoes, also packed in juice.  They also add citric acid to the tomatoes, which seems to be necessary in order to get the flavor we need.  Italian companies do not add the citric acid.

Pastene seem to be the closest I can find to the Progresso tomatoes.  We plan to try the recipe using each of the different types of Pastene tomatoes, California and San Marzano, and hopefully one of them will work.

If not, we may have to figure out how to grrow and can our own....




I have been using Progresso tomato Products for over 40 years and was very disappointed to find out they are no longer going to carry these items.  I just made a huge pot of spaghetti for a dinner party tomorrow night and had to make them with Hunts tomato products.  Let me tell you, they are NOT the same, or anywhere close to that wonderful tomato taste of Progresso.  I added extra onions and garlic and spices but to no avail.  I am thinking about getting some Italian tomatoes and adding that to the pot. I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels the same way I do about the Progresso tomato products.  Thanks for letting me vent!!!


You can contact General Mills at this link to share your disatisfaction of discontinuing the tomatoes:

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