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Who makes icinema home theater speakers

icinema home theater speakers

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There is a website.


I bought one of their products thru online and I really loved it. The IHD-5 with cube speakers are amazing. I hooked it up with my play station 3 and wow I felt like I was inside the stadium (I was playing soccer)....

Wazup Mike,


Yeah they have a website: www.icinemasurround.com

dont hesitate, this is a good product....

I wrote more info below....

I liked it


good luck

Hey Mike,

I got the IHD-800 as a birthday gift. It has a powerful 2500 watts. I love the system because it is so easy to set it up. No extra gadgets, or accessories are needed. My living room is like a movie theater.

I found their website and yeah it is right like gamer2010 said.


Even though I’ve never heard of the brand, I received one as a gift a while ago, and I thought that they were pretty decent.  I am actually pretty happy with the sound system because whenever I play COD4 or Kill Zone 2 on my PS3, I love how loud and clear the sound comes.  So far, no problem here.

So i was walking out of Ralphs Market just yesterday (12.15.10) and this random guy stops me and says i got some legit entertainment systems I'm delivering and i have a total of 7 and only got to show up at the wearhouse with 5, would you be interested in buying one. At the time it didnt seem scepticle cause i would wanna try to make some quick cash if i could also. He showed me a catalog with the entertainment system and the retail price said $3,010.99. He said he wanted $500 for it and early he had been trying to get $1000 for one. He started to bargain with me & i must say a very eager to make a sale. He settled for $160 bucks & told me next time you see me, you owe me some beers. I thought i was getting the deal of a life time. Little did i know a few minutes later i pull over & looked up the system on my Iphone. I found some sites that had people asking the same thing saying they got scammed & the equipment was no good. If you ask me, the entertainment center sucks & if i ever see the guy who sold me the entertainment system or ever get offered to buy one again, they best believe there windows are getting bashed in with a crow bar! A few words of advice...Don't buy anything off some random person of the street unless you at a swap meet. I learned the hard way but it definitely was a learning experience. P.s. be more cautious around the holiday season cause thats the easiest time to strike for them I-cinema bastards!

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