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I am looking for lyrics of kannada patriotic songs. Particularly songs from Gopalkrishna Adiga. Can you help me?

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Have you tried searching www.lyrics.com?

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Kannada Nade Bhagyada Nileye at Amazon.com

You can find a lot of lyrics for Canada and other countries here: http://www.folklyrics.net/northh-america/canada/

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Track Compliation : HK Narayana, Shimogga Subbanna
Singers : Ravi Mururu, Vinay Kumar, Uday Ankola, Supriya Acharya, Mangala Ravi

Lyrics : Huyilagola Narayanarayaru
Music : P Kalinga Rao

Novodayada Kiranaleele
Lyrics : GS Shivarudrappa
Music : Padmacharan

Gel Kannada
Lyrics : Pu Ti Narasimhachar
Music : HK Narayana

Kannada Padagolu
Lyrics : GP Rajarathnam
Music : Mysooru Ananthaswamy

Elli Bhurame
Lyrics : Panche Mangeshrao
Music : Shimogga Subbanna

Enitu Enidu Kannada Nudiye
Lyrics : Anandakanda
Music : HK Narayana

Kattuvevu Naavu
Lyrics : M Gopalakrishna Adiga
Music : Shimogga Subbanna

Nannadu Ee Kannadanaadu
Lyrics : Ambikaatanayadatta
Music : HK Narayana

Karnataka Geeta
Lyrics : KS Narasimha Swamy
Music : HK Narayana

Lyrics : Kadendodlu Shankarbhatta
Music : HK Narayana

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