Lutherans have always strongly opposed divorce except on three grounds:

That the couple has such severe and so strong differences that there is simply no way to restore domestic harmony (and then only when the children have left their parents).

Adultery or bigamy.  If there is a possibility that the two may be reconciled we will find it.  If not, that is understandable.  Where one of the parties was married before and has not been legally divorced as of the new marriage, the new marriage is held in abeyance until the default is cured.

Long-term imprisonment.  Where one spouse has been found guilty of a felony and sentenced to prison for more than two years, the Church considers divorce automatic.

That is only as far as our Church policy goes.  One must also comply with civil law.

What you do discloses what you think. We are wisest when we keep a good eye to history and learn from their mistakes.
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