Does low power 3w led bulb make soft lighting?

Light emitting diode (LED) lights are small and energy-efficient light bulbs.

Does low power 3w led bulb make soft lighting?

Once limited to single bulb use in items such as electronics, pen lights and strings of Christmas lights, they are now clustered and encased in diffuser lenses to spread light in wider beams. Low power 3w led bulb offer a much longer life and low energy use. Several LED lights produce soft lighting.Does low power 3w led bulb make soft lighting?

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 Diffused bulbs are those made in clusters covered by a dimpled lens that spreads light over a wide area. These bulbs are typically used in lighting for rooms, reading lamps, accent lamps, porch lights and low-light applications in which the light is on for an extended period of time.

Diffused bulbs are designed to fit normal indoor screw-socket lamps. A common bulb is the 3W led displays in Warm White. White in LED lights produces a soft white light with no harsh reflection, shadows or glare.

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