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Low cost health care in southwest michigan. I don ...

low cost health care in southwest michigan. I don't have insurance. Can't get it because of 2 x breast cancer. need dianogic mammogram and check up and blood work. Any clnics free near Niles, MI or South Bend, IN?

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In 1980's the government's response to rising health care cost was?

I don't know, I had free health care in the Army at the time. However, I do remember that liberal state court systems and attorneys allowed an explosion of frivolous lawsuits against health care providers that increased their insurance premiums, thus causing the cost of care to skyrocket.

How to get contract to take care of veterans for in home care

owr- Maybe I missed the announcement. Are we doing serious answers tonite?

Many companies are going to stop offering health ...

If you look at the plan and go back to the 2007 election promise Obama made he was against any cuts in Social Security. Obama got himself in trouble in his spend spend agenda so we pay off the national dept. And a big yes to Mrs. Kisses as she got it right or a TV apperance so people think he is the ...

A definite solution to the current health care problem

The Judge Says: Problems with the American Health Care System As many people do, I think the health care system in this country has serious problems. There are a number of potential solutions to this problem. We could move either to a free market system or to a single-payer plan, i.e., a ...