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My wife doesn't want to have sex with me. She won't talk about it. She just states I don't want to. We have sex maybe once a month.

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Unless she has a physical reason...maybe the magic is gone.  When a woman doesn't feel beautiful anymore...or if she doesn't feel she is being made love to...then she has no desire for it.  And she CAN see it in a man's eyes.

Sex just for sex sake is not appealing to mature women...and not only that...but sex these days will kill you.  Maybe she's lost her trust in you and is afraid she will get an STD...one that won't wash off and penicillin won't cure.

Try dating her again...try making her fall in love with you all over again...if you're still in love with her.  You may both want to consider marriage counseling...if you think your marriage is endanger and worth saving. 

Obviously...this is a problem for you...or you wouldn't be here.

Good Luck.



"A daughter holds your hand for only a short while...but she holds your heart forever."

You should both go for counseling. Don't let this drag on because it can seriously affect your marriage.


The first thing to consider is whether the situation is your fault.  Ask her whether this situation is something that you caused, or whether there is something that you can do to influence her decision.

Beyond that, Shuddupandkissme has spoken.  We shudder to think that brosen's advice may have to be acted upon.  Why?  Because communication is the number one problem in marriages.  Communication takes time, commitment and sacrifice.  The divorce rate reflects how many marriages fail to achieve it.

Nevertheless, many marriages do achieve communication and because of this there is reason for you to maintain hope.

Be prepared to make the time, commitment and sacrifice to gain more intimate lovemaking (not sex) with your wife.  It has to be something that she looks forward to and not something that she endures once a month.  Get it?!

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Perhaps she does not find you attractive anymore and has fallen out of love with you.  Therefore, she has no desire to have intercourse with you.  Have you gained a lot of weight and let yourself go over the years. Do you take her for granted and just roll over and want to climb on (once a month)?  Women need time to get aroused; they need kissing and stroking, soft touches and caresses. Maybe you're like so many other men....once you're married to the woman you forget all about the kissing, hugging and foreplay you did BEFORE you got to score that "Home Run".  Women need that.  Maybe you can try this approach one night after you take her to dinner at a nice restaurant.  Make it like a date.  See what happens.

"Life is what you make it! It takes a lot of hard work and perseverance to be successful, but is rewarding". However good or bad your situation is, it will change! Remember: God does not promise us another day, so no matter how you feel, GET UP! DRESS UP! AND SHOW UP!

Very boring relationship, I think you need a counseling or you need to talk each other, about such issues, this a martial concern and need to be settle before it complicate the marriage.

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don't always be the one who brings up having sex.You are probably not giving her a chance to ask for it. Woman don't like needy men. If she is simply taking you for granted, Make youself busy elsewhere. If she does'nt want to bve bothered, don't bother her. Have some pride about yourself!. The answer is easy if you seek it elsewhere, but that is not what I 'm encouraging you to do    

Never listen to haters, try to be greater

Next time it's the monthly act, tell her No thanks. Maybe she will wake up.

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