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Why i dont like having sex with my wife anymore

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If you both still love each other, then I think you should review everything you and she have to do before getting to bed. Are you helping her with the multitude of chores she must take care of before joining you? Are you sharing the load with your children? You might very well find that while you are waiting for her to get into bed she is preparing your children's sandwiches for the following day and preparing the clothing they should wear, folding the laundry, etc. What I am trying to show is that after she has taken care of all these things and many others, she gets into bed exhausted.  Do you give her a kiss and hug when you get home and tell her how clean the house looks and the wonderful aroma coming from the kitchen? Bring her little gifts, they don't have to be expensive but express your love and appreciation. Well, if you can answer yes to most of these questions, perhaps you and your wife should go for counseling.

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