Anyone heard of this spell by Robert Mason and ...

Anyone heard of this spell by Robert Mason and Robin Stone?

My friend used it, and you don't pray or chant or anything, you just use your mind and apparently, her usually stubborn ex called! Nothing more yet though. Anyone know anything about this? Will it work? Is it wrong? You just use your mind.
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I'm a real believer in energy and I think there is so much going on in this world that we do not understand. Because of that, I would be doubly careful about using spells and forcing others to do my bidding. You cannot understand the consequences, and you cannot know the impact this will have, and it will have an impact.

You can read about it here:

But I really wouldn't recommend using spells. 

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Hi, thank you for your answer. However do you realize the site you recommended  me to visit is actually sponsored by this Robert Mason, and the  magazine  is part of what is offering. I already made my mind up on performing a spell, my only trouble is choosing the right one!


Robert Mason & Robin Stone CLAIM TO HAVE A SCIENTIFIC "MORPHIC FIELD" SPELL, BUT IT DOES NOT WORK. IT IS A TOTAL FAKE AND WHEN YOU ASK FOR YOUR MONEY BACK ALL YOU GET IS NOTHING. They may say best wishes, but the unique guarantee is a big fat nothing. Fake, Fake, Fake

Hi, can you get you get in contact, with me my e-mail is below,


Hi, i just came across this scientific spell of thiers and i really want to try it out.. my email address is, can you email me and let me know what happened with your friend and her ex courtsey this spell?

I saw this too and was wondering if it actually worked for anyone other than Robert Mason, the guy trying to sell it. If so...what happened? How long did it take? Was it out of the blue? What was the situation like? Were they mad?

The desperate fool that I am tried it.



It’s pretty well done by the way; they pretend that their method is different; that it has a “scientific approach” and that other people are here to scam you when you are down, while Robert Mason and Robin Stone are not (awwww…how thoughtful of them!). And this for only $97 (awww…how nice, but they want to charge you anyway)!! 100% money back if not satisfied (awww…they are great!).

Wow…looks great, init?

WELL, FACE THE TRUTH; this doesn’t exits. I tried it and

1. It doesn’t work.

2. Your money is lost forever. I tried to claim it back after a few months to find out my e-mails were being ignored.


Robert Mason and Robin Stone, , it’s bogus; it’s a scam! Do not give them anything!


i tried this spell and believe me it worked,

the guy i wanted to fall in love with me lived in britain and he would never ever call me, but after i tried this out he actually called me.

 i think it works cos i cant explain it other wise

"i cant explain it other wise"

Don't worry I can

it seems the comments in that forum were posted a couple of montsh ago. I posted mine 12 days ago.
Bam, same day, There is the answer "oh no, it's not true. The spell worked for me, it's fantastic...blablabla"
The same strange!

So? Robert and Robin...having fun with my money?
I hope legal authorities will catch you one day and put you where you belong; in jail.

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