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Love compatibility

What if you don't astrologically match your partner, while you really love each other? Is there any way to correct it, or should you find another person?

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I put no credence in astrology and certainly wouldn't let it decide who I was going to love or marry.

If a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, then that makes me a burning truck filled with TNT hurtling through a rocket fuel depot.

The only reason to ask someone when they were born before marriage is to be sure that you are not jailed for sex crimes or spending your honeymoon in the intensive care unit.


Oh. There is another reason. If you forget your spouse's birthday, you will be in deep kimshee.


If your ability to judge another is so poor that you are going to rely on nonsense, then you are simply not ready for marriage.



Gratitude as a discipline involves a conscious choice.....* Victims of circumstance owe it to fate. Victims of choice owe it to themselves.*One of the widest gaps in human experience is the gap between what we say we want to be and our willingness to discipline ourselves to get there.

I checked by daily Kaleidoscope  and the results were most encouraging. Send out the invitations.


Madam Z

Gratitude as a discipline involves a conscious choice.....* Victims of circumstance owe it to fate. Victims of choice owe it to themselves.*One of the widest gaps in human experience is the gap between what we say we want to be and our willingness to discipline ourselves to get there.

While some people do run their lives completely by astrology, I do not think this is a wise way to control your life. While there may be some validity as to the compatability of which signs match which other signs, most horoscopes are very generalized and can fit almost anyone. Of course one can make anything fit or not fit depending on how they read and interpret the signs.

I read my horoscope daily as well as some of my friends and co-workers and while there have been some coincidences of daily events matching the horoscopes at times, these times are few and far between. As I said, reading them for fun is fine and can be entertaining in conversation, but running your life or choosing / not choosing a partner or friend because their sign, is ridiculous and foolish.

By the way, just as an added note, if you look at the many of the personality traits for each sign on the internet, you will find them to be suprisingly accurate, but other than that I still wouldn't run my life by it.

I am a Scorpio and have been married 3 times to a Taurus, Virgo and Pisces. I am presently in love with a Saggitarius, and except for the Pisces, Scorpios are not compatible with any of the others. Go figure...LOL.

Quote #1. Just remember, if the grass always seems greener on the other side...it's probably because there is more manure there. Quote #2. So often times it happens, that we live our lives in chains and we never even know we have the key. Quote #3. Just remember this my firends, when you look up in the sky, you can see the stars and still not see the light.

Are you just going by what your sun signs are? Because that is not the best way to judge compatibility. Get a proper reading done because it is far more important to look at where Venus is in the man's chart and where Mars is in the ladies chart. It's better to look at the whole chart though to see how compatible you are on all levels. Don't worry at all if it's just your sun signs that are amiss!

You can also look at your NAMES compatibility. Sounds weird I know!

But it can be reassuring if your astrology charts don't look too good, to discover that via your name meanings you ARE compatible! If both show you aren't then look at it logically. How much do you have in common? Are you on the same wavelength? Similar sense of humor? Do you truly 'like' each other? (Love IS blind!!) Could you live without them if you really had to?

There are various compatibility readings here which may help you:


Astrology does explain a lot but not everything.

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