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Is it wrong to be emotionally involved with someone other than your husband??

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Very wrong and unfair.  In a way it is cheating.  It's the first step to ruin your marriage.
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Yes this like OronD says its wrong in so many whays!!! Put yourself in his shoes and ask yourself would you like if he ask some else and not you? Im mean you are married and you should not hide things from your husband!! And he should alsow not hide things!! In a whay it is cheating in my eyes...

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What do you think, because that's all that matters. There is a growth oppotunity here for you, and the right or wrong of it are societal norms getting out in front of you. No one person can be all things to another, so if you are truly interested in staying with your husband on an emotional level, try to see how this other connection can benefit that relationship. There is nothing inherently wrong with being emotionally attracted to someone other than your spouse, that's how things always start, it is your reaction which will define the right or wrong of it. It sounds like your "gut check" on this is telling you that any FURTHER action would be wrong, so don't beat yourself up just for having a normal human response. Some people don't even have that. 

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I don't see it as cheating because you aren't acting upn it. I am not married, but I can TOTALLY relate to what you're saying. It can be hard, because I found what my current relationship is lacking in another guy. That sounds so wrong, and as I type it I feel ashamed. But I took a step back, viewed the situation, and I decided there was so much that I love about my fiance, I would NEVER jeopardize that at all. So, the other guy was a co worker, so I had to switch jobs. I spaced myself from him because I knew that it was a bad situation.

Good luck, and don't feel down about it. So you're human, that's not so bad, right?!?! 

The truth hurts.

What are you asking for? You want someone to say (It's OK) because, it's not. Concentrate on all those feeling and put them in your marriage. Or get out!! Sorry, I say like I see.  Good Luck


   It is wrong to be emotionally involved with any other man.  You should only be emotionally involved with the man you married.  For me this is cheating.  Don't jeopardize your marriage because of this.

Take care.

Be honest and be true to yourself.

I can't believe everybody is saying you're cheating. You haven't done anything with this man (I'm assuming), and you obviously know that it's wrong on some level. I don't care who you are, if your marriage is lacking some thing and you find it in another person, you will be attracted to them. As long as you choose to do the right thing and get away from it, you have done nothing wrong. I took my experience like yours and made it a learning experience. I learned how to communicate better with my fiance and we are much closer now.

The truth hurts.

Well now - I would have said yes yesterday - but today (issues at home) I wish I had someone else I had an emotional connection to that I could just spend time with (harmless off course)

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