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Love or leave???

I am in a long distance relationship from 3 years. the problem is, i have no interest left now. we don't even meet and he doesn't feel the need to. he loves me a lot. i don't even want to hurt him. emotions are so messed up. please help me...

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So what are you going to do then?  Live the rest of your life in limbo?

Of course you should leave.  Break up with him.  If may hurt for a while but you both need to move on with your lives.   What is the point of continueing?

If he loved you he'd want to see you. Break this off he feels the same.

All this man wants is emotional reassurance and someone to stroke his "ego".  In all reality...he's hiding something...doesn't matter what...he's not real.

Get off the computer and out in the REAL world.  Don't waste another minute on online romances.  Life is short.


Get your fishing pole out in the REAL sea!



"A daughter holds your hand for only a short while...but she holds your heart forever."

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