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how can i tell this person that im deeply in love with him?

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It is always nice to hear someone declare their love for you but actions always speak louder than words so it isn't really as necessary to tell them you love them as it is to show them how much you love them.

well is he in a relationship with someone else cause then that would be hard but i would tell him when the time is right you will know when the right time is o tell him trust me bu like lynn said hes better when you show it make him see that ou are really there for him

just go find a good time, meet him personally and greet him specially. make him feel that he is special. express him the best way you can. believe in yourself, go and let him know.

just speak to him that u love him, maybe he is also in love with uLaughing

dont. try to find out if he prefers men to women first. and if he does,then u should decide wheteher he is a 'man' homo or a 'woman' homo. and u decide on this about u too. or maybe u people can do both. or maybe only u or only he can do both. u should know this all.

i am a straight woman. i simply want men but am kinda dominant,but not in sexual field. u should know much more about him before u declare love. between us straights we dont go to our crushes and declare love. we women even hide it from fear of being pushy,something that men usually dont like. i dont envy u. u are not normal and u want to say i love u to a man who is probably normal. and even if not,even if he too is queer,u should be careful about throwing love in his face. cos love usually means sex in early stages. so yr love is only sexual infatuation for him. ugly.

There's no god and u know it!!!

Just brave up your courage and tell the one you love. 

All people get happiness and true love.

as simple as telling him always. don't give up until you win him.

i wander with all the answers except with mine of course. have u people ever seen anyone winning ones love...read infatuation,cos thats what it is...by simply telling them we love them? no of course not. love is a game,if not a war. straitforwardness does not win one to love us back. love is not an answer to out love. things are more complicated here,cos both partners in love affairs are in war over power. who loves more looses...

so i again suggest to the asker to find out about whether the other man is maybe straight. when this is clear,and he is gay too,then only can u kinda look for the signs he likes u too. but we dont come and tell someone out of the blue that we love them. this will scare them. u better show it some way or another but dont just tell him. chances is he does not share yr feelings cos love is a rare bird unfortunately...

There's no god and u know it!!!

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