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I was in love with my classmate for some reasons i ...

i was in love with my classmate for some reasons i cant marry her now i met her after my 9 years marrige now i have some strong feelings towards her and same she have .now we both are are depressed as we cant left our families and even cant live without each other plz help us

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It is either or:  Either both of you leave and be together or stay where you (both) are and be miserable.  Please, don't even consider the 3rd option (hidden love) it will drive both of you dilly.... and it is not fair to your families too (not to mention the moral point). 

Love is the battery of life....

No one (outside of the two of you) can help with this problem.

This is strictly up to the two of you.  Both of you need to feel strong enough in your feelings for each other to abandon everyone else and go your own way. Or not. 

 If you cannot do that, then you cannot do that.  It is up to the two of you to make a decision for better or for worse.

If you cannot live without each other then there is your answer, but if you cannot bear to leave your respective families for your love, then that is the answer.


There's nothing such as "can't live without each other" because it's simply not true. I suggest you stop contacting or meeting with that lady and just be faithful to your wife. If you can't be faithful, then leave her. Cheating on her is just not fair.

Again, there's nothing such as "can't live without each other". You decide whether you let your heart or your mind take the lead. I go with mind because I like to be in control, not to let my feelings drive me anywhere and then regret when it's too late.

Jesus is the truth, the way, and the LIFE

This is not an unusual problem although you both may feel that you are something exceptional.

When we fall in love and are burned we change and we never love the same again.  We learn to be suspicous and cautious and even harden our hearts. 

So when that someone comes back into our lives that reminds us of that feeling or feelings we had without reservations we are revved-up to perhaps make one helluvamistake.

"A bird in the bush is worth two in the hand" or in this case "A bush with a bird is worth more than what was in your hand."

Lady Darko

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