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Losing bladder control when vomiting

I have reflux and there are times that I start to eat and have to go and vomit. For the past year now I have started losing control of my bledder when I vomit. This is real bad when you are eat out and you are not home.

What can this be? I have just been told that I have pre diabetes 2 . And I am 56 years old. So is this gonna go on for the rest of my life?

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Good news: There is medicine to help you for one...diet for two. 1)re: reflux ...over the counter zantac is good. If it's severe of course there are prescriptions. on diet, avoid foods that cause the reflux. 2) There are medications for vomiting but you'll have to get prescription from your doctor for good one. 3) On Diabetes type-2...Diet is the best medicine.

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