Can i lose 40 pounds in 6 months?

I am 5'8 and i weight 219 lbs. I dont look it but most of my weight goes to my chest, my thighs and derrier and arms. I used to be 180 but i gained 40 pounds in exactly 11 months. So i have started to make genuine efforts going to the gym and changing my eating habits. It shows a little physically. Ive gone down a bra and 2 pants sizes. But, It doesnt show on the scale and i think i should be losing more weight than i am.

Now im getting married in May, 2009 . Is it possible for me to lose the 40 pounds in 6 months before my wedding?

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Hi LaMorena, ----------- Congrates for your wedding (in May). Yes you can. Don't do anything drastic.... go on a constant rate (some 6.7 pounds per month or about 1.7 pounds per week.....). Eat less, only healthy balanced food, nothing inbetween, nothing un-necessary, no junk food, no sweets, no fat food, minimize bread consumption, spend more time at the gym and worker harder !. If you follow those rules you'll do it.... It's my pomise. All the time imagine how pretty you'll be at your wedding, that will give you all the powers you need for that process..... Once you get used to it, it won't be hard !. ----------- Best regards,

Love is the battery of life....

Hi LaMorena,

I agree with Oron. If you need assistance, check out this site.. I swear by It gives you a place to log your weight, food, exercise, etc. Best of all it's Free!! Good luck and best wishes on your wedding!!

Dear La Morena

     Yes  and yes again you can........I know it because I did it...As said previously..Learn to eat HEALTHY most of all search the web for HEALTHY eating, and join a gym or if you can't for some reason..Like i couldn't I was in the middle of a divorce and couldn't afford the gym so instead I walked outside. I started off with 20 minutes to and turned arouned and walked home for a total of 40 min. I didn't start out power walking but by the end of the first month, I was power walking 6 miles 5 days a week RAIN OR SHINE , my goal was 40lbs. and in 7 months on  low fat eating and 30 miles a week,120 miles a month it adds up fast I lost a total of 57 lbs. I looked and felt like dynamite and still do that was 12 years ago.  I had made up my mind that I was going to get HEALTHY and get rid of the weight that was holding me back from life itself.  La Morena if you want to email me about what I eat I would be happy to help is you want.  God bless you and I'll be praying for you to reach your goal.  Embarassed Bette 

yes definitely, you can lose 40 pounds before your wedding. you just have to watch what u eat, and exercise enough. Try to calculate how many calories your body burns at rest, and how much it gains from the food you eat. open a food journal. record everything you take in, and how many calories it amounts to, and every exercise you do. try to keep in mind at the end of the day, that you should try and exercise to burn off , and that if you burn off more than you take in, yourbody would have to get energy from its fat stores, thus burning fat.

YES!! I lost 40 pounds in 5 months. You can do this! Please check out my website:

I promise- we have affordable options and information that will help you achieve your goals. Check it out and email me-I want to personally help you get to where you want to be.

Linn Ash, LMT

I believe in You. You can improve your life! Start today!

Yes, this can definitely be done.  Here is a simple plan to accomplish the goal.  This may sound simplistic, but I thrive on simple solutions and strategies.

Workout (run/walk) 3 times per week for 20 minutes.  For eating, multiply your goal weight by 10 and eat that many calories per day (ex. 150 lbs. X 10 = 1500 calories).  This plan has never failed me.

Improve Your Health

Success comes down to this ... simple disciplines, repeated daily.

Forty pounds in six months is a reasonable weight loss goal. If you were to lose 2 pounds per week for 24 weeks, that would be 48 pounds. It's going to take some determination to stay with it, but if you get on a good program, you'll see that it's not that difficult and will stay motivated.

I would recommend any of the programs listed here on this six pack abs site.

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