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How to lose weight i am 332 lbs and 64 yrs old?

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Diet and exercise are the best ways to lose weight.  You don't have to run marathons, but walking a mile every day would help.  If it's hot outside, you can walk in the early morning, or go to the mall. You might be able to lift dumbbells (or even just cans) while watching TV. 

You have to eat less.  If you have been eating a 16 ounce steak for dinner, see if you can eat only 8 ounces.  If you have been having seconds on dessert (or large helpings), limit yourself to one dessert.  Having cantaloupe for dessert instead of cheesecake would cut calories.  Maybe you can have mini carrots available for snack time instead of chips.

dont  eat  u  are  whot  u  eat  i  74  year  old  never  see  docter  in  30  years  fit  onley  eat  1  time  a  day

I'm 62 and have lost close to 100 lbs in the last 3 years. I did it by changing my eating patterns. I eat what I want, but I only eat very small amounts. I also eat several times a day. When you eat small amounts, you get hungry more often and eat when you're hungry. This provides the body with more steady energy, which helps to burn calories, and is a far better way to eat. It also keeps blood sugar levels ate regular levels instead of ups and downs. If you're able to exercise, do so, you'll lose a bit faster and retain your strength. But don't be in a hurry to lose. It's not something that can be done fast, not and remain healthy. Slow and steady does it. And the way I've done it, I don't feel like I'm on a diet or deprived of anything I enjoy eating. And I do treat myself now and then.

Also, I believe eating fruit helps with weight loss. I also cut way down on the amount of bread I eat. Diets usually fail because they make people feel deprived. My way, you're not actually on so much of a diet as you are changing the basic way you eat. To get to your weight, you're used to eating large meals, I've been there, I know. So the first couple of months you will feel hungry. But eating the small amounts several times a day, your body soon learns to be satisfied with less and it will soon feel quite natural to you. And keep in mind that every pound you lose makes you that much healthier.

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Exercise and proper diet are the best way to lose weight . One should go for healthy breakfast , An oatmeal, a complex carbohydrate is ideal, opt for skimmed milk, take foods which are high in fiber and stay away from fried foods.

Fast walking with controlled diet !!

I've had success with methods from this site: http://waystoquicklyloseweight.weebly.com

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