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What is a Loralie original dresses?

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Loralie Originals is one of the premier providers/designers/maufacturers of formal gowns and dresses. The company was founded by the extremely talented, lovely and gifted Loralie Harris. Although each year's gowns bring design changes that parallel the design trend for that given season year, Loralie Originals has legendary status in the arena of retro and vintage clothing and hence, an older Loralie Originals dress tends to have among the highest resale second hand value. In particular, the name in the vintage clothing trade evokes the designs of the 1980s when the style trend was very feminine and girlish. During those years, Loralie Originals created some of the prettiest, most feminine yet truly timeless designs known for an abundance of lace. As far as I'm concerned, Loralie Harris and Jessica McClintock are goddesses!

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