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Looney Tunes baseball cards

Where can u find more of the 1990 Looney Tunes All-Star Baseball card.  I bought some cards at a Antquie Store and i would like to complete the collection.

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Check out eBay to see if anyone else has some of the collection.I got most of my Beanie Babies on that website.

Welcome To The Jungle!!!!!!! Where do you think you've heard that from?

i would go to ebay i saw some there

Hi i have a collection of the cards you wanted the numbers are from 1-594. They are in mint condion. I want to sell them as a set. My email address is Jshoemaker2@charter.Net.

Hi again i looked up somethings and found i have the complete collection.If you are intrested in the series make me an offer.I am in missouri.                                                                                                       


I also have a complete collection to sell as a set.



I have the #3/198 card set from 1992 with ken rippy jr, sr and jim abbott.  If you are still interested pls reply to berniebuddy@live.com

i have the looney toon card collection you might be looking for.  I have hologram cards and complete sets if you're interested.  Email address is cyrusjade1978@yahoo.com

hey heather i have a very large quantity of the looney tunes cards that id be interested in selling you if youd like to discuss such a thing. email me if your interested shanesuter@aol.com id be willing to share pics and such.

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