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What does it look like when a penis ejaculates inside a vagina?

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Whadda you think, we got xray vision? Get a job.

The feeling can vary from girl to girl, and even from time to time and depending on many factors. That said, when the penis is going inside, it is generally very pleasurable for both the girl and the guy. The women often feel a tingle. If you want to feel the semen squirt the men should jerk the penis harder.

Now, when the penis starts to ejaculate, many girls cannot feel the semen squirts. Some claim they can feel the warm pulses (if they are strong) hitting the insides or back of the vagina. One theory is that what they're actually feeling is the slight jerking of the penis that occurs with each ejaculatory squirt in men that are very hard and generally fit. This is because the deep end of the vagina does not have many nerve endings, and so may not even be able to directly feel the semen spurts.

Looks kind hot if the woman is having orgasm at same moment. Saw video on X-hampster porn sight done with camera inside vagina once.

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