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Longevity and size of a celestial goldfish

The article told me everything except the one thing I need to know and that is how long does/can a Celestial Eye/Choten gan Goldfish live? I have had mine, Barney, about 2 years now, he/she has tripled in size and needs a bigger tank, I have a 2 gallon tank now and as awful as it sounds I don't want to go through the expense of buying a bigger tank if they don't live much longer. I need to know how big they get as well so I don't have to buy another tank again. I had to give up the Koi I had cause I didn't know how big they got, I had 7 I bought at 2" to 3" and they got 8" to 11". I almost fainted when I found out how long they live and how big they get. Thank You in advance, BJ Burger

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ahh well technically goldfish of all varieties live up to 20 years! a good 6-10 at least mine are nearly 4years i have 5. i started off very naive in keeping them in small 15 litres tanks and my early ones died or looked awful. get barney outta that small thing! search for tanks at carboot sales/ ebay/ even rescue centres can have sheds full of un used aquariums. the gneral rule is start at 20 gallons then ten gllons per extra fish no kid! though mine are 5 in a 30 gallon and are fine  i keep them clean so it works out ok. plus in a bigger tank goldfish literally spread their fins and look amazing i swear their colours flourish and everything.

if you do get a larger one consider: reading as many other posts on goldfish you wont believe how much there is to learn!

when you fill the tank get info on the cycle it needs to go through so you dont get an ammonia spike or leave too many toxins in there etc.

bigger tank= more fish buddies :D

Goldfish are the same family as Koi, although a Koi is a larger fish. A well cared for goldfish can live 10-20 years. In extreme cases 30. The oldest goldfish known and recorded was 44 years old. He was a prize at a fair in 1955 and was owned by the same person until it's death in 1999. That fish was in England and oddly enough, the now oldest living goldfish is also in England and is 43 years old. Maybe it's the water? By he way, that 44 year old fish was only 4 1/2 inches long at it's death. That is small, and was possible attributed to remaining in small bowls for most of it's life, or the growth stunted by a high nitrate level in the water. Some special varieties of goldfish are bred to remain small. 

You are looking for an average age. A Celestial Goldfish or Bubble Eyed Goldfish as it is also called, has an average lifespan of 6-7 years.

I may not be Mr. Know It All, but I knew him well and he taught me much.

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