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How long does it take to work pet armor plus?

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I used PetArmor for the first time 3 weeks ago. Two weeks after the application I noticed my dog scratching; I assumed it was an allergy (reaction) to something he'd eaten or rolled in because he was "protected" right? Nope. He has fleas. I'm so angry. When I noticed his scratching I took him to the vet and was told to give him Benedryl or hydroxyzine for his "allergies". Cut to this morning when I find a flea on him, one week after I noticed his scratching when I could have been treating for fleas and all because we (the vet and I) assumed he was flea treated. GRrrrr!! I am not a new dog owner, I have in the past used Frontline and have never had a problem. I spent $40 this morning on flea control for my home and cleaned for 5 hrs. (car, laundry, beds, furniture,carpet, and will need to cont. w/the cleaning daily for I'm told at least a month!) Next time I'll spend the extra $10 for Frontline!!

**Sorry, I just realized I vented instead of answering your question. According to my vet you should give this kind of med. a minimum of 24 hrs. to work, providing you've treated your home etc. :)

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