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How long does a spell of black magic voodoo last ?

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It is difficult to say how long any kind of spell lasts: black, white, voodoo or otherwise.  In black magic, there is the person performing the magical operation (the magician), the person being operated upon (the victim) and the rapport, or mental dynamic between the two.  I would say that, in most cases, the magician and victim know each other.  If not, then the victim can probably guess who in his/her social circle is having a third-party (magician) perform the operation in their behalf.  Black magic, voodoo, etc. are usually intimidation techniques that rely on the conscious use of suggestion.  Therefore, the length of time the spell lasts depends largely upon how long the magician keeps intimidating and suggesting and how long the victim subconsciously allows him or herself to be intimidated and made subject to suggestion.  Black magic is all about FEAR.  My advice to anyone who suspects that he/she is a victim of malicious magic is this.  Be Fearless.  In order for black magic to work, the victim must take the magician SERIOUSLY.  Also, practitioners of malicious magic get some sort of kick out of watching their victims squirm.  So.  Identify the source of the magic.  Break all ties with this person whatsoever.  Eliminate them from your social circle altogether (not by killing them, please).  And, concentrate your mental activities elsewhere.  Don't even allow yourself to think about them.  If you cannot put them out of your mind, then DO NOT TAKE THEM SERIOUSLY!  LAUGH AT THEM AS HARD AS YOU CAN AT HOW UTTERLY RIDICULOUS THEY ARE FOR THINKING THEY CAN CAST SOME SORT OF SPELL ON YOU!  Laughter is the most effective way of disarming a black magician.  It degrades their magical work (which they take VERY seriously) and takes away all of the morbid pleasure they derive from it.  Remember.  A practitioner of black magic is nothing more than a bully: just the mental kind.  It is said with a great deal of truth that, "Inside every bully is the heart of a coward."  So, deal with a practitioner of malicious magic the same way you would deal with any other bully/coward and you'll be just fine.  The most important thing is to break all contact.  If the magician cannot see the results of his work, then what's the point of him doing it?             

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