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How long does oxycontin stay in your system

how long does oxycontin er 80 and /or oxycodone 30 stay in your system

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Some people may metabolize drugs at a different rate and, thus, have slightly different time frames as to how long the drug will stay in the body.

Factors which affect metabolism:

amount and frequency of use
the body's rate of metabolism
your body mass (size)
your age
your tolerance to drugs or alcohol
your overall health
how drugs are taken
(swallowed, inhaled, smoked, injected)

So I guess we could say, it depends.

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   I'd agree with all LaurenS11 says and will add this personal experience to it. Briefly, I was on Percocet 10mg, which is oxycodone in the generic brand. Percocet is just the name brand; oxycodone is the actual drug itself. I took one around 1 am and then again around 8:30 am that same am and at 11 am, I had to take a drug test, which in my case, to prove I was actually taking the medications and as my luck would have it, the test my doctor got showed zero and I was accused of selling my medications and had to endure over a year of pain from hell because of this one drug test she refused to let me retake. My cousin works in a lab at another hospital different from the one my wife works in that did my test. She told me that my test could have registered say 48 parts per million on they're specialized test ( don't know the name or how to spell it as its long and complicated sounding ) and the cut off threshold is usually set at 50; The test I took was basically designed to protect those taking the test seeking employment from minute levels of the drug in they're system, or to give the applicant the benefit of the doubt. Say a person did illegally take one percocet his mate may have gotten and did so just once or every now and then; a minute amount might show up in the test for employment, but if its not over that threshold, it will show up as negative, even though it may be as high as 48 parts per million. This would be in favor of the applicant who did take the medication on an occasional basis, but would catch the one who abused it, or used it regularly. But, in my case, I took at least two to three every day and one or two methadone 10mg tablets and believe it or not, my test showed negative to everything, which led my provider to assume I wasn't taking my medications and she all but accused me of selling them; something I've never done, and never will. When my wife went to get a copy of my lab results, it just so happened that the lady in line behind her was there for the same thing, but she was a social worker who went for a patient unable to go himself. Come to find out, the woman told my wife the same provider, a family nurse practioner had ordered the same drug screen for her client and the same thing happened to him and now he was going through hell on earth with pain and withdrawal symptoms. My cousin, who works at the lab told me they see this happening on a frequent basis and its causing untold hardship on those it happens to. I know I tried not to take any pain med's and then drive, not just because of the legal issues, but because my daughter was with me that day of the test and I always took the least amount necessary when I had to drive, if I took any at all. So, in my attempt to be safe and legal on the road, I evidently didn't take enough to prove I actually took the drug and I've gone through hell and high water with pain until here recently when I found another provider who's treating my pain with medications, shots and nerve blocks. All of the reasons LaurenS11 told you are correct. I was told by my cousin who manages the lab she works in that percocet has a short half life, meaning it leaves the body fast and usually, most people can take a few percocets on Monday and pass a drug screen on Tuesday, under most circumstances; of course, with all the variables mentioned earlier, if you have to take a drug screen to see if you're taking it and don't have a prescription, I'd wait at least a few days and not take any and as the old saying goes, drink plenty of water and be active. If, like me, you needed to prove you took it, make sure you take it as directed and if in doubt, take alittle more and have someone drive you there to be safe and responsible with the medication. It really irks me to hear of people selling they're medication, for its people like that make it so hard on those of us in major chronic pain to get any help. I've lost 4 friends in the last 3 years to suicide because they're doctors refused any additional medications or an increase in the medication they were on. The medications you spoke of are high doses, so I have to assume you are in major pain and hope you'll continue to get the legal help you need to combat that pain. My heart goes out to anyone in pain, but for those druggies out there just trying to get a buzz off medication, I have no nice words for you. Sorry this is lengthy, but had a lot I needed to say that I felt others could benefit from. Best wishes for less pain.

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