How Long Can You Live With Liver Disease?

How long does a person usaly live at end stage of Liver disease?While waiting for a Liver transplant?Anyone know of anyone with this?What are they going through?Is A liver transplant able to save them.?Thanks for all the help .The hepatitia c turned to cirhosis.

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I had an uncle who had full liver diease, and he lived for 4 years, but he was a heavy drinker also. I now have a cousin that has hepititas c and liver diease. He is weak, lost weight, and is sleeping a lot. Our research shows that nutrician, spirituality, and other methods other than morhines, or heavy pain killers, will improve, and help prolong, absoulutly no alcohol! Have Faith, you have the power to heal yourserlf. Read the book "the secret!"  

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