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How long can you live with a hernia?

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Why would you want to?  Hernia patch surgery is readily available and very effective.  I know, I've had it done twice.

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Hernia is a very common illness that affects millions of people worldwide. Both men and women, or young and old persons can get one of the hernia types, and more and more cases are encountered each year.
Hernia appears when the muscular tissue that is around one of the organs becomes weakened and a small tear appears in it. The organ will then protrude through that tear and create a small bulge, that can get bigger in time.
You may need surgery even if you don't feel pain, so don't delay the visit to the doctor because untreated hernias can cause severe complications.

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my grandmother is 84 and has had one for  many many years atleast 30 years or so and she's fine.  of course she's not very active either

One can live till 5-10 years . But nothing can be done at the last stage, so better get operated at the earliest.

Hernia is not a life threatining disease, there are many kinds of  treatments available that can easily cure it.

More Info On Hernia:


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I was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia over 25 years ago. No surgery was recommended then or since. The only trouble I have is that sometimes while eating I have a bit of trouble with the food going down, minor pain, but only lasts a few seconds, so not worried, Also found out thru the years that greasy food, or spicy food can make it difficult for me to swallow, so I avoid those.  

In the last month I was diagnosed with an umbilical hernia as well, I hadno symptoms other than a slight bleeding from my belly button.  I was worried sick. My doctor does not believe the bleeding has anything to do with the hernia and believe this bleeding is caused by injury I sustained about 5 months ago. He doesn't seem to be worried and, since it is not much bleeding, I'm not worried either. He does not suggest I have a hernia repair at my age, since umbilical hernia rarely if ever estrangulate.

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