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How long does it take for certain types of sugars to metabolize?

How long does it take for certain types of sugars to get into the blood stream? When taking a test what is the optimal time to consume a sugary substance? Is there greater efficiency in terms of which type of sugar you consume; is it better to eat an apple or a donut if you want that quick spurt of energy?

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Perhaps you should define what you mean by certain types of sugar. In principle, everything you eat is broken down into it's basic components in your stomach, and from there they are absorbed into your blood stream. Things that are simpler to break down will be absorbed faster than more complex foods. For example, sugar is absorbed much faster than starch, even though the starch is broken down into smaller units of sugar.

What type of test are you doing, and what is it's purpose?

When you say greater efficiency, what do you mean? Glucose is used by your body to provide energy(the glucose is broken down, and energy is produced), other sugars such as sucrose have to be converted to glucose before they can be used, so glucose will be metabolized faster than other sugars. But the sugar that is most widely used to make things sweet is sucrose (because it is much sweeter than glucose).

An apple is better (imo) than a donut, because the apple contains starch (which is essentially made up of units of glucose). The donut will give you a quick burst of energy but it will last for a short while and then the sugar will disappear from your blood. The energy from the apple will last much longer. And in addition apples contain other stuff that is healthy. 

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Processed Sugar from Sugar Cane will give a quick jump, but will leave you tired shortly.  I suppose if I were taking a test and I knew I had four minutes left to go, then I would consume something quite unhealthy.  I would assume an apple would be a better plan, but with the way our society is designed with all those tests... one could see the reasoning for the abuse.

I don't know the exact math of the sugar high.  I will be interested in hearing the answer based on body weight proportions.  I would be willing to bet that the people here won't give out the math because hey want to put the emphasis on health, but we all know that life doesn't always work out like that and I am as curious as you are as to stimulation responses.  I sure hope we don't have to set up our own experiment because I am already in bad shape.  Let that be an incentive for the health people to owe up before we start testing this on ourselves ;-p

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