How long did it take to build Rome?

I guess every one is familiar with the saying "Rome wasn't built in a day " . How long did it take to built it?

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 How long did it take to build Rome?

You can assume that it began approx. 753 B.C and the city reached a peak in 120 when the population reached to 1.2 million. so - all in all about 870 years.

The date of the founding of Rome

During the Roman republic, several dates were given for the founding of the city, all in the interval between 758 BC and 728 BC. Finally, under the Roman empire the date suggested by Marcus Terentius Varro (753 BC) was agreed upon, but in Fasti Capitolini the year given was 752. Curiously, while the years varied, all versions agreed that the city was founded on April 21, a holiday dedicated to the sacred cult of Pales, goddess of shepherds; in her honour, Rome celebrated the Parritta (or Palilia). (It is to be noted, however, that the Roman Ab Urbe Condita (or a.u.c.) calendar begins with Varro's dating of 753 BC.)

In calculating the corresponding years, the year 1 of the City has been assumed as identical with the year 753 B.C., and with Olymp. 6, 4; although, if we take into account the circumstance that the Roman solar year began with the 1st day of March, and the Greek with the 1st day of July, the year 1 of the City would, according to more exact calculation, correspond to the last ten months of 753 and the first two months of 752 B.C., and to the last four months of Ol. 6, 3 and the first eight of Ol. 6, 4.


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