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How long does it take to get trust money?

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It could take as little as a few weeks to get money that was held in a trust.  But it could take months.  The trustee has to plan for paying debts (including credit card debt and outstanding checks), personal income tax, and possibly an estate tax.  It may require getting an appraisal for real estate.  It might require selling real estate, if there is more than one beneficiary.  It may require selling all the possessions.

If you are a beneficiary and you need money for living expenses, you can ask the trustee for a partial payment. 

Some trusts are set up so that the trust does not distribute to the beneficiary until a certain age is reached, or perhaps it is left to the trustee's discretion how much to distribute for fear that a spendthrift will spend it all immediately.  You should be given a copy of the trust so you will know if those apply to you.

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