How Long Will Santorum's Surge Last?

Four years ago, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney won the Republican primary in Michigan, the state where he was born and raised while his father served as its governor. Yet two new polls released Monday show Romney trailing former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum who, just weeks ago, was barely breaking into double digits.

Can this lucky streak hold up?

How Long Will Santorum's Surge Last?AP

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If QOTD wants you to believe it, it is an outright lie.  Leftists are such assholes.....................

lets hope santorum holds on. no republican has a chance against obama let alone a social conservative.

democrat and proud of it. someone trying to learn about conservatism before it becomes extinct

Our Nation is in need of a well versed in Islam and the Middle East mindset man to step up to the plate and if at all possible do something with this mess in the Middle East.

Whilst our Nation was blithering over the loss of Whitney Houston til the cows came home the International News was blasting America as hypocrites for considering teaming up with Al Queda to bring down Syrias' leader.  Now before people get all in a poopie here how many times have I mentioned the International News and others on this site and it turned out to be right?  Hmmmmm??????  well perhaps you don't but we did and we were and we will be again.

I do not believe Santorum is ready to hoist these world problems onto his Conservative shoulders sincere as he may be.  However I have heard Romney speak on Islam and due to his religion he is made to understand the threats of Islam unlike other religions who are kowtowing and bowing to the snakes who will bite thehellouta us ASAP within our own country and outside our country.

Be that as it may I would vote again I say for a Syphilitic baboon............anybody.......................anywhere to get rid of this devil in the WH.

Lady Darko

It is highly unlikely. The three recent states Santorum won were all only chosen with less than 5% of voters. These states weren't even holding their real primaries, those will be in a few weeks. Because of this, more moderate voters did not show up to vote.


Santorum is also leading as many others have in the GOP primary race. After each candidate gained the lead though, they soon lost it after being heavily criticized and attacked by many, including their fellow candidates and others within their party. It is unlikely that Santorum will continue to lead and be considered 'electable' when PACs and campaigns send out negative advertising against him. Santorum has said many things both in the past and recently that can be considered racist or bigoted and that many have already labeled and regarded as hate speech.


In summary:

I find it highly unlikely that Santorum will maintain his lead.

I usually avoid politics and rattlesnakes. 

Leftists defy all that is appropriate. Defy leftists to be appropriate in all things, but do so cogently.


in Colorado in the the primary vote for 2008 for the democrats just about a half of million voted For Obama... in the republican primary the total of the votes case in the republican primary 2012 was just a little over 65,000 votes cast ... whats that tell you about the state of Colorado and the republican party...

If it were my problem to resolve I would doubtless take a sharper opinion.  America and we prospered together for 65 years until your man Obama returned the bust of Churchill to Her Majesty in London.  That is an insut we are loath to overlook and hesitant to forgive.

When you get a new and doubtless better government this November things will have to improve because Obama will be in prison, not your White House. 

I remember your humiliation when your last Democrat was impeached for his crimes.  This involved his flight to England (they are weakies) to avoid the battle in your Vietnam War.  That must have impressed your veterans . . . negatively.

It would be like you spitting on our men who returned victorious from the Falklands.

In fact, I wouldn't put it past some of you.

Life is for the bold. The sea makes its demand. Never tolerate a weakie. I have left back for the continent and then back to Scotland. I may check in when we dock in Inverness or I might not. It was good conversing with you but for one weakie who suffers an obsession with Obama.

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