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We have a long case clock by William Robson, Sr ...

We have a long case clock by William Robson, Sr.

North Shields (not South Shields) with a moon phase

in excellent condition    what more can you tell us?


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Amedee J. Santamour, Sr.

I there a question hidden in there somewhere, or do you just like tossing names around.

My grandson leans up on the grandfather clock and then it tips over, so

And as I used to tell my daughter..."When I tell you "NO"...it's for your own good...because you will get hurt." If not by whatevah it is I am telling her not to do that will hurt her..."But if you continue <with that particular action>"...I would say..."I WILL SPANK YOU...either way...You're GONNA ...

Why are the cases for the Kindle so expensive. I have seen some of them

Cause they are worth it folks, cause they are worth it: http://ebookreader101.org/new-kindle-reader

Employee Time Clock Check

Choices include not paying the employee for undocumented time claimed or seeking legal redress for fraud.