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Location of pharmacies that sell syringes without a prescription.

where can I buy syringes locally without a prescription? California law dictates this be possible and I cannot afford to buy large quantity over internet and want to go to local pharmacy.I live in 91767 area,or Pomona - Chino area. This is perfectly legal. I just need to know which pharmacies participate - someone must know! I need some for my mother who is visiting and doesn't have her prescription (HMO) available and it isn't time for her to renew. You know how they are. She just needs one or two -no more than a 10-pack, for her stay here.   Thank you for your help in advance!

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Thanks so much for your prompt, courteous assistance. I found so much helpful information from Northern California and Washington State but kept running into lengthy, repeated, fruitless searches in my own county.  Thanks again - S/Flipfish

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