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This depends on the usual factors.  Are you receiving disability payments, is that your only source of income, what's your current credit rating, which will be affected by any defaults on previous loans, credit card balances, how many credit cards you have in your name, etc.

You need to know all this before thinking about a loan.  If you're having a hard time paying bills now, or you're running a high balance on your credit card(s), you would be considered a high risk.  And while there are some places that "guarantee" you'll be approved, you have to look at what cost, and, is this something you need to have right now.  Don't forget, when you are making car payments, most auto insurers will demand that you carry full coverage on the vehicle, which will be more cash out of pocket.

It's your money, be sure that whatever you purchase on credit now is something you must have, because getting stretched too thin is a bad thing.


My credit rating is good. I had a car loan with Chrysler and was on disability but I was a co-signor. So I do have credit with Chrysler corp. I do not have no credit cards. Right now this is my only source of income. Until I can get a car to get a job or start my own business.


I am Mrs Mrs Isabela Kotze . a certified, reputable, legitimate & an accredited private lender.

I loan money out to individuals in need of financial assistance.

Do you have a bad credit or you are in need of money to pay bills?

I want to use this medium to inform you that i render reliable beneficiary assistance as I'll be glad to offer you a loan.
Services Rendered include:

*Car Loan
*Home Loan
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*Debt Consolidation

No Social Security Number Required, No Credit check Needed, 100% Guaranteed

Mrs Isabela Kotze


We offer loans

The usual lending criteria will determine if you are a suitable candidate. That is your ability to repay the loan.

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Disability is not an issue for get the payday loans but if you have a good source of income for repay the payday loans, you are eligible for get the payday loans because we look at your current financial ability (and not your past) to make sure you will have enough funds in your bank account on payday to repay your payday loans.

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