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I need a loan i am desperate but i am on the telecheck and i have written bad cheks but i need a loan is there any way i can get help

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You didn't mention where you live, but anyway you should contact companies that give bad credit loans, such as

this one. The interest is significantly higher than normal, but on the other hand you have no other choice as I see it.

I suggest that you try

Prosper a site where people-to-people lending is supported.  Hope that helps.  You can read more about it on the blog here

Sorry.  I think you need to talk to a financial counselor.  You'll need help both financial and behavioral.  Good luck to you.

Try Californa Payday- Advance Til Payday it is a national chain of payday loan stores. They have stores in many states  and they are also on the internet. I use their california web site http://www.californiapayday.com.

 I know for a fact this company does not check your credit or check telecheck, or teletrack.

They have their own database and if you do not owe them money they will probably give a loan.

Give them a try. They are a good company

There are many Cash Advance Companies that do not subscribe to Telecheck. For example I know a Company

http://www.californiapayday.com No telechek and no credit check I promise.

Depending on the size of the loan you are needing, it is quite possible to get a very fast cash advance. These loans usually top out at about $1500 though and are only short term.

Online Payday Loan

This is a registered money lender who offer loans to people with a low interest rate of 2% and also with so much considerations. We also offer loans to co-operate bodies,so, i will kindly advice you apply for an easy loan here so that you can solve out your financial problems and also pay off your bills contact standardloanservices@yahoo.co.uk

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