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Decidermyassll the porn poster and Tadpole the Rocmike Stalker are perfect together

The shit eater Decidermyassll is too ugly for anybody to want and the Rocmike Stalker copy paste freak is too dumb to know how ugly he is.
  Posted 24 minutes ago .


My 5 month old cockatoo's crop ruptured 2 nights ...

My 5 month old cockatoo's crop ruptured 2 nights ago. He is still fed by hand, and the bird pablem I feed him through a syringe, just keeps pouring out of his chest through the ...
  Posted 5 hours ago .


Let's show AOL we want the copy paste freak and the porn poster gone

Let's all bump up the views on this thread to show AOL we want those two creeps gone. Give your opinion or visit this thread often to bump up the views and maybe AOL will get the ...
  Posted 2 days ago .


Tadpole/Rocmike Stalker, Decidermyassll this whole message board is waiting

WE'RE (we are) ALL still waiting for you to show US one post you've made in the last five years that hasn't been meant with negative comments. Now, before you throw up 25 copy ...
  Posted 11 hours ago .


Proof about Rocmike and his Aliases

I caught them all hiding under my bed and in my closet last night. Believe me now?
  Posted 1 hour ago .