What is Liz Vicious' real name?

How does one find out real names from just having a stage name? I would like to know what Liz Vicious' real name?

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It seems she is popular! (


Liz vicious is harder to find but a good place to start is her fan site (

) you might find some other people who wish to know her real name.

But again I think some will be very hard to find, you should also try to pick some more info about her and try to compare it to internet available info ( one method is to locate were she was raised and look for graduation pictures) .

31 October 1987, Miami Beach, Florida, USA apparently on imdb not sure if it's the same person or not


I happen to know everything about "Liz Vicious". You probably wont believe me, but eh, it doesn't really matter. I'm someone who is very close to her.


could u plz let me know?

wat is her name?


is she native 2 miami or south florida?


hit me up at jgarry526@yahoo.com

no she's from Hamilton, Ohio, her name is Mindy..she is a server at Applebee's

alright then...what's her last name, or even better what applebee's? If you know either of these then, and only then, can anyone believe you. Hah! like her name is really mindy.

actually although she wont like it being posted, her real name is Mindy Ashton-Blanke. the site is maintained by a company and not herself, she merely delivers videos and photos to the company offices to be evaluated and uploaded if they are deemed good enough for the site. any poor saps who chat to 'Liz' via email or IM usually suspect something is amiss as during a live cam show if they have been chatting with 'Liz' offline and mention something of that chat online during the live show, perhaps something funny they shared or even a photo that was sent during the conversation they will discover that 'Liz' has no idea what they are talking about and quickly changes the subject, tjis is because the fan/site member in question was actually chatting to a member of her site management team to keep up the illusion that its her. Also people notice odd times of her replies to emails, for instance, its been known for members to recieve personal emails from 'Liz' during her live webshows when her hands are (cough) 'busy' and nowhere near a keyboard. i cant reveal how i know this without getting a couple of good friends into trouble with the production company responsible for the Liz Vicious site but its all true. sorry to burst the bubble guys. :(

you lame azz moron! now some girl named Mindy Ashton- Blanke is going to have peo0ple looking for her cuz you said she is (Liz Vicious) you stupid jerk and if she is a real person you have sent who knows how many stalkers her way you idiot. some things are none of people bees wax simple as that and your full of it and any time you want to debate this you let me know idiot Liz Vicious

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