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Living conditions for U.S. soldiers in afghanistan

What are the living conditions for U.S. soldiers in afghanistan?

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well, it depends on what part of afganistan you're in. most of the places I've been to so far are not that bad actualy. we usualy stay in tents and usualy have beds. but the only downside is I never have enough room to move around much. the chow is not that great in most places, everything you own usualy gets dusty every day from the dust storms, and it's very hot during the day and hard to breathe because of the elevation we're at.

My daughter has a friend who is a sniper. He had 3 tours in Iraq. I sent care packages. Now he is off to Afganistan. I would like to know from a soldier, wife, mother, girlfriend whose soldier served in Iraq and now deployed to Afganistan, what is the difference in what they send. In Iraq, they had electricity and a microwave. That helped a lot. I would imagine, this is much more remote, I will be very limited as what I can send. Please email me with some answers. only4fun7@aol.com Thank you.

any other answers in 2 years?  OMG my son is going to kandahar...on October Id really like to hear from some moms, girlfriends wives etc that can tell me what life is like in kandahar area for soldier now... january 2011....Let mw know please


Thank you!  terriloanm@aol.com

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