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Make a living with a blog

I can understand that there are those like Perez Hilton who have made them a name on the web but can the average person really make a living by writing a blog and using blog marketing?

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You can make some pocket money from blogs . But most of the money will come by consulting (if you are a knowledge expert in a particular domain)

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Yes it can by becoming a huge name. :) As you can see, when you say average person you certainly mean on someone who is not an expert.

The web is saturated right now and you need quite a bit of expertise right know if you want to achieve something great. Although pocket money can be earned with moderate to medium effort.

I make a living through my blog.  I sell access to premium content that tells you how you can make more money online, and people subscribe to learn how.  So yes you can, if you have something to offer people.


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Absolutely you can make money from blogging and you can do it for very little start up costs.

The key is to have great content on your blog that creates a large readership. This will not happen overnight but if your persistent and you make your main priority the readers experience then you will build up a readership that will be interested in what you say and ultimately what you are selling.

Your readers will be happy to click on any products you are promoting, selling, refering etc and of course from this you will make money.

For more information on making money from a blog you may want to read this, http://nick-squires.com/2010/08/17/six-ways-to-make-money-blogging/

Think bigger than your current situation

Yes you can make a living with a blog.  I've had my blog for two months and I'm already starting to make money.  Not a lot yet.  But the more traffic I get the more money I make.

To give you an example, last month I earned $11 from the AdSense on my blog.  This month it is already up to $7 and we still have a couple of weeks to go.  I also made money selling affiliate products.

It's hard work.  Don't think that it's easy money.  The key word in work from home is work.

Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.  And don't fall for those - make money in 1 week scams, they're the only ones making money!


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