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Where can i buy sheridan's coffee layered liqueur in united states

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If you know anyone that is going on or works for Carnival Cruise lines....they sell it on the ship.  Ask them to purchase you a bottle.  If you would like Mexico prices..$22 a liter (Pregreso Mexico)...either purchase it in Mexico on their excursion or have them take a picture of the price tag and the cruise line will match the price. 


Hope this helps...love this delicious treat!

i bought mine in Puerto Rico while in the airport past the check point it was about $22 tax free

You can get it shipped to you in the usa from here  but you have to buy a case at a time  Tipsy gifts

It depends on where you live at - in Indiana it is a felony to ship alcohol to your house - so i wouldnt suggest it - but it is delicious, so have someone bring it back for you from a trip outside the country! Ireland is where my parents got it at, and brought 3 bottles home - after trying it in Indiana after they returned, they wished they would have brought more home! Good luck!

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