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His "participants" are in on it the whole time. Not much a "trick" if you ask me.

Me: Psst, say "yes" to every question I ask you. Understand?

You: yes

Me: Think of a number between 1 and 100. Got it yet?

You: yes

Me: Is it 99?

You: yes

Audience: OMG AMAZING!

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Steve Krone

Not true.  I watched Lior Suchard last night on The Tonight Show.  I think it was a rerun.  I know how he did all three tricks, and none involved a confederate.


Trick One:  The Die

Jay Leno held a (pretty large) die and showed a number to the camera and then held the die close to his chest, looking down at his chosen number.  Lior knew the number each time, even with his eyes covered.

SOLUTION: Lior was very careful to make sure that Leno was holding the die with the "right" number facing up (i.e., toward the ceiling).  The die is clearly sending an electronic signal to Lior -- probably in the form of taps on the skin -- to indicate the number that is facing up.  You will even notice that when Jay moves the die around a bit, Lior tells him to make sure he is "looking at" the number -- so that Lior can receive the correct signal.

Trick Two: Kim's First Kiss

Lior was able to tell Kim Kardashian the name of the first boy who kissed her.

SOLUTION:  It's called Google:

The story was posted in February of 2009.

Trick Three:  Word in a Newspaper

Jay picked one newspaper out of a stack.  Kim then picked a section, a page, a half page, and ultimately a single word.  When she picks the word, she is using her finger to pick a word randonly -- BUT NOT LOOKING AT THE PAPER WHEN SHE DOES IT. 

She and Lior then look at word together, which she reveals.  Word is on a t-short that Lior is wearing under his suit.

SOLUTION:  You will notice Lior stash something under the seatback cushion toward the end of the illusion.  It is a device used to place the word ("summer" in this case) in news print onto the newspaper at the spot where Kim's hand lands.  He does this before she looks to read the word.

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