Will Lindsay Lohan learn from her jail sentence?

Oh, LiLo.  Back to jail again.  Will a 120-day sentence and community service help Lindsay Lohan learn to stay out of trouble?

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Not going to be that long..



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I doubt it. She doesn't seem capable of learning her lesson. I'm starting to think she's seriously mentally disturbed and simply can't control herself. I suspect a stay in an institution might have more benefit than jail.

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I would hope so but no I don't believe it will . 

  I believe the 120 day sentence and community service was to light .

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Learn to what ? Kissing women?

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So people will never learn right Neta

I don't wish to be argumentative ,but I disagree with the Islamic belief that I should be killed! " If radical atheists decided they needed to kill believers to ensure their place in nothingness, I'd be criticizing that too."

Doubtful. Don't think that little light sentence will do much in deterring her from future crime and drugs and alcohol. Until she learns to take responsibility for her actions and behavior and quits making excuses for everything she's done, there's not much hope.

Wonder if she'll get out early for good behavior? That's what's wrong with the judicial system.. She goes in for a four month vacation on OUR dime!.. There's ankle gps now, why does the g'ment put people behind bars with less than a one year sentance? Jails are over-crowded as it is, and each one of them costs the taxpayer approx. 18,000.00 a year to house them.. Put the small timers in their own home where they'll have to buy their own food, pay their own rent and sleep in their own bed.. Their not murderers or rapists, an ankle bracelet will keep them in place and there will be more room to put real felons behind bars.. This is a joke and the average citizen is the butt of this joke.

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Did you see all the photographers outside the courthouse?  NOT the crazy media people, just regular Joes with cell phone videos all trying to get a look at her.  She loves it.  Take away that blonde hair and Hollywood face and clothes and all you'd have is another problem child that would gather no more attention than a parking ticket violator.

But that's the way it is.  We treat celebs like gods.  We respond to what the news puts in front of us.  Nature will take it's course on her. She will soon become a washed out hag with eternal bleach blonde hair and the "I'm a star" attitude.  Some banker in Colorado will marry her and support her habits for about 2 years, they'll divorce.... another high roller will marry and divorce her... and the cycle repeats itself until she is no longer news worthy.

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She didn't learn anything in jail. She's checked herself info in-patient rehab, again. I wonder how long she will last in there.