Got link to this funny ad? (Chevy Malibu 2008: jogger bumps twince into car)

There's a funny commercial for the 2008 Chevy Malibu, showing a jogger bumping into a car. The following link shows it:

Now, I'm sure there was a linger version where she then gets up and does it AGAIN! does anyone have the link? thanks!

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There were two Chevy Malibu ads with the jogger.  The first one is the video you've posted.  In the second ad, the jogger gets up and bumps into the car again.

VIDEO: Malibu Commercial, "The Jogger," Part 1

VIDEO: Malibu Commercial, "The Jogger," Part 2

Wow! you are a darling indeed Smile this is just what I've  been looking for.

Any chance there's a version where it's one clip with both those parts? or was it always two separate parts???? 

I appreciate your kind words. Smile

I haven't found a version where it's one clip.  I remember seeing it once on TV as two clips.  But it's possible that there's a version with one clip.

Nice video man, I always watch funny videos in youtube and I can spend a lot of hours there.


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