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My limbs fall asleep at night - Lately at night if I wake up during the night I ...

Lately at night if I wake up during the night I have a stiff arm or leg that has "gone to sleep". This happens regularly and is not prone to just one arm or one leg.

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It might have to do with the positions you are sleeping in, with circulation, or something else.  I would visit your family doctor just to talk to him/her and explain the problem.  It seems like you could get this taken care of pretty easily and then you wouldn't have to deal with the problem anymore.  Good luck. 

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deadhead gave some good advice. keep in mind that sometimes you sleep on the limb that "falls asleep", cutting off the circulation to it. This can cause it to "fall asleep". Try to notice the position you wake up in when you get this feeling and see if it makes sense.

It could also be a disc problem in the back.

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well should really pay attention to that because studies show that people who have heart attacks say that certain parts of their body get numb or fall asleep...tipically the left arm or leg

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